Noodle & Boo

Tomorrow I'm painting in Noodle & Boo's new office space! They're a super lovely company (with amazing products - just ask Bird) and their founder Christine Burger is a real sweetheart, and definitely to be admired for creating such a successful business with two young children. I could learn a thing or two from her!

I'm painting the floaty white flowers from Noodle & Boo packaging onto areas of the office space already painted pink. The flowers remind me of Japanese illustrations from cherry blossom festivals. Very feminine, very pretty.

I had a friend's little boy over this morning and he and Bird played, and Phylo had way too many toddler treats. Bird is napping hard now from all the dancing she did to the keyboard demo songs. Good stuff.

Gives me hopefully a little time to pack the car for tomorrow...

Oops, maybe not...really, already Miranda? Darn these 45 minute naps!