Happy 5 to Phylo!

It's a big week around here (with another big day tomorrow too) :o)

Today is our sweet boy Phylo's 5th birthday!! 5 years ago he was born on the island of Cyprus (Greek side), was found with his brother & sister by an American couple, brought over to California through the South Bay Purebred Rescue, fostered by a lovely family, then discovered by us and brought home. What a journey.

We gave him two presents this morning. A wool dog bone toy & a kong braided frog plush (great for dogs like ours who just want to rip out stuffing - this one has minimal stuffing but is still fun to chew). Phylo grabbed the wool bone and took off. Bird grabbed the frog and has refused to give it to Phylo. I think it's a little bratty, Jared didn't mind. Maybe he's happy everyone seemed content.

Phylo drives me nuts sometimes, but he is the best buddy - happy to hang out with me wherever I am. & I love rubbing that soft head and those silky ears. Bird likes putting them in her mouth :o)