10 years + Father's Day + Apricot Season

Happy Sunday to you all :o) I'm home with Bird today while Jared is out enjoying a Nascar event he was invited to. I've been teasing him by saying it's "Jared's Day" instead of Father's Day. For a little while I was bummed when hearing about everyone's different plans for the day out with their families - brunch, parks, camping, etc. But we've had a nice day and I'm sincerely okay with Jared getting some time with friends getting their ears blown out by race cars on a track (hoping he remembered the earplugs...). Bird and I met up with friends for lunch & playground time, walked Phylo, and hopefully will do some gardening together (my plan at least, haha).

Yesterday Jared picked ALL of the apricots off our tree. It's something we always do with our cherry tree - harvest all at once. We're thinking it's a good way to go - rather than little by little. You get some overripe fruit, some under ripe fruit, etc. but it evens out with some being perfectly ready for jam making and some giving you more time to get to them for processing into smoothies, sauces, or just plain eating (which is best! - especially on vanilla ice cream!)

Lovely shot of our huge copper sink filled with just 2 of the 5 bags we picked.

I could eat all that color.

One thing I wasn't able to blog last week was that Jared and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on June 11th! We got married 10 years ago - pretty amazing... Of course, the day wasn't how I had pictured it being but I'm often off when it comes to imagining those sorts of things. I always think we'll have more time than we do. It's just not that time in life for us of course. Bird was a handful all day & we had no plans (because we had no babysitter). When my sweet friend Di offered to stay at our house so we could head out to celebrate we were so grateful!! It's a busy crazy time of life & I accept it. I'm just thankful for the little things & for friends who help make things better & for the time Jared and I have had so far. Looking back at our photos reminds me how much fun we've had over the last 10 years(+). Here's to many, many more!! :o)

Happy Father's Day to all you dads!

I'll be back later in the week with new drawings, paintings, and an update on fabric design.