Ripples, felt, beetles & captured moments

Yesterday a cheery envelope from across the pond was sitting in my mailbox. I purchased this original watercolor painting by Sarah Wimperis (for $10!!) through the Ripple site set up to support 2 non-profits working to aid in the recovery and support of wildlife in the BP oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. I absolutely love it! I still can't believe all the generosity of so many artists who have offered up beautiful original works of art. I admire and respect them. I hope to add my own piece to Ripple this coming week. Here is the ripple site address: - please visit, please purchase!!

Bird's 2nd birthday party is this coming of course I'm making tiny felt strawberries for the table. I mean, isn't that just as important as baking a cake or cleaning up the backyard?

(Here are lots of great felt strawberry ideas from How About Orange)

Oh, and that teeny orange thing is our first tomato of the season! Bird already ate it.

Happy I caught this yesterday morning. Bird likes to help Jared get his boots on before work. I think it's really sweet. Then they jump in the "fast" car together, back out, and wait for me to come with Jared's bag & lunch. Routines are always changing but this one has stuck for awhile.

Beetle painting I made for my dad. When my dad was a kid he probably would have liked insect plushes (more than the owls or whales or penguins that I make) - beetle & butterflies fascinate him. My parents' downstairs bathroom is full of mounted insects they've collected over the years. The royal blue butterflies are the most amazing (though I feel torn about them...would rather see them outside, flying around of course). Anyway, I thought he'd like this for the space and I put my own spin on it with the vibrant flowers.

Off in the mail it goes!

Hope you have a lovely Tuesday!