32 - thirty-two - thurteetoo

Hipstamatic | My new Electra bike (with ibert child seat)

Turned 32 today. As my friend Mel of Ask Miss Mommy said, birthdays aren't quite the same with kids (young kids) but Bird took it easy on me today and was pretty sweet (except for getting up at 5:40am). We didn't do too much...long walk with Phylo, a bike ride to a different playground, just hanging out mostly - refreshing compared to our very structured & busy last couple of weeks. And tonight we went out for Pizza Antica followed by ice cream cones for all :o) It was messy fun. And highly entertaining as there was a live salsa band playing and my girl can't help herself when it comes to a catchy beat. She was shaking & swinging & stepping and never dropped her ice cream cone (of course!). We got lots of laughs and comments as you can imagine.

Did you see that pretty lady up there? That's my new bike, an Electra Gigi! It was my (early) birthday present & I very much heart her. That's an ibert child seat attached. Bird and I really get around with this rig & it's such a laid back cushy ride. It's even sweeter that it's named Gigi, which is what Bird calls my mom :o)

I took the photo using my iPhone and the Hipstamatic app - it's so fun! I heard about the app from the lovely Miz Booshay contributor on the Pioneer Woman blog. Here are other shots from the day using my phone:


Hipstamatic | Dahlias

Hipstamatic | 32 today!



Have a great weekend!
hugs, Devon