Birthday weekend & days till Portland!!

Mitchell Cove, Santa Cruz

Mitchell Cove, Santa Cruz

We crammed last Friday & Saturday with so much fun stuff that by Sunday we didn't want to get out of bed (but of course, we were summoned!).

Here are pics from Mitchell Cove Beach in Santa Cruz. It's an excellent dog beach in that I believe it's actually a legit one (beats having to scan for rangers all the time). And it's long and wide and, you know, beachy, which we love :o) We hit it up for the morning & Phylo had the best time. Bird loved the (cold) water but would climb us when the waves rolled up the shore.

Then delicious eats at Emily's Bakery (breakfast burritos are VERY worth your while) followed by playground time at De LaVeaga Park and then some frisbee golf at the De LaVeaga Disc Golf Course. It's an amazing course for any of you interested in throwing discs! You feel like you're on top of a mountain overlooking the ocean (which you sort of are) and it's spaced out enough you're not having to yell "fore!" all the time.

So...just 3 days till I leave for Portland and Heather's class - I'm so stinking excited!!

And tonight is noteworthy too! I'm going to be at Kaleid Gallery's Two Buck Tuesday event as a featured sketch artist. I'll be sitting a table drawing for the evening as the other entertainment (speakers, other sketch artists, performers, etc.) do their thing. It's free and open to the public. Come purchase affordable artwork from fabulous local artists! (I'm not sure exactly what is $2 per se, but I'm sure something is - most other works are under $50 I believe and I'll be selling prints for $10 and possibly some original stuff).

Please come say hello!!
88 S. 4th St., San Jose
Tuesday, July 20th, 7-10pm

Hugs, Devon

Mitchell Cove, Santa Cruz