Moment to moment

baby butt ;)

Living moment to moment here...some have been tough and I'm embarrassed by my lack of patience with Bird and her antics (patience proportionate to lack of sleep?). Then I remind myself that she's not even yet 3 and as my friend told me, "just keep swimming"...we'll get through. There are also totally lovely moments - our little Griffy is a doll and we are loving him to pieces. When two kids are crying simultaneously it's not such fun. When Bird is chipper and laughing and demanding to kiss her brother and he's putting up with it nicely then life is really good :o)

Spring is springing here...I got my tomato plants in, along with 3 hot pepper varieties for Jared. Plus some hopefully gorgeous zinnias and some new strawberry plants (yum!). Our deciduous trees are swinging with full lush leaves and the apricot and cherry trees are dotted with tiny fruits. If patience is proportionate to lack of sleep then happiness is proportionate to abundance of sunshine. That's how things balance out around here I guess :o)

Natural Bridges, Santa Cruz
yes, we did take griffin to the beach at 2wks - babies are portable!

So, for now, there is no "new normal" - there's just getting by. I figure we'll have a routine in a few weeks. Some things we've done to help are (from my friend's suggestion) doing meal planning and prep for the week on Sunday (as in, all the chopping, browning, etc.), and swearing off any new projects for a little while (hard for us!). Jared and his dad constructed an amazing new driveway gate when his folks were here (w/ automatic opener - swoon!) and we still have to get it all sanded and sealed. I'm dreaming of how to gussy up our driveway now and soften all the concrete and pebble. If woolly pockets were a little more affordable...or if I could figure out how to make our own? Wait, is that a project?

Jared's birthday was yesterday. I feel somewhat bad it was overshadowed with an all day offsite meeting (including dinner which meant I was on my own with these two through the evening) and then coming home to a somewhat cranky emotionally spent person. Making up for it this weekend with a get together with friends and mexican food (that I'm not cooking) and cake (that has taken me 3 mornings to put together - now that's a reality check).

Wishing you a happy rest of the week and weekend. Hope it's lovely where you are and you're getting out to enjoy some sunshine. My midwife reminded me of something I apparently told her a few weeks ago (no, I don't remember saying it, but I don't remember a lot of things right now). When things are difficult it's important to remember to just be nice to each other. So that's my advice to offer today - just try and be nice to each other - it makes a really big difference.

hugs, Devon

ps: check out the beautiful mail love we received my lovely friend Klay!!

Mail love
quilted pillow by kleja

Mail love
a most intriguing rattle inside