When everything seems crazy just have a party

We celebrated Jared's birthday yesterday with a few friends and as low key a set up we could muster. Ordered yummy Mexican food, set out bags of chips rather than platters, and truly just used what we had on hand and could grab easily. The cake however was a few day's effort - I picked up supplies last Sunday, baked the cake Monday morning, made the buttercream Tuesday morning, then assembled it right before guests arrived. I was super thrilled with it. When it's tough to escape to the studio at least I can be creative in the kitchen.

party for J
hamburger cake!

I followed this tutorial for the cake with the exception of using a brownie mix for the "meat" layer and I didn't go crazy with the gourmet aspects (as in, there was no ganache). But it was tasty and oh so cute and Jared loved it :o)

More pics from the day...

party for J
the birthday boy, with Griffin, looking a wee bit tired

party for J
bubbles: birthday party necessity

Both kids are napping - time to get a few things accomplished.
Hugs, Devon