Made :: Griffin's Quilt

I could have titled this post: Things I made before life got really crazy. But I will be choose to be positive, haha. I'm spread a little thin today...too little sleep, a cranky and sick almost 3 year old, and an almost 2 month old who spit up nearly everything he ate today (twice). When I say spit up I don't mean your average spit up by the way. No sir. I'm talking quantity - splashing when it hits the floor and having to use thick baby blankets for burp cloths - this is life with little Griffy. I'll be happy when we're beyond this phase.

Quilt for our boy (any day...)
Quilt front

I had wanted to make a "real" quilt for some time and figured what better occasion than for Griffin's arrival. I love sewing but am not so great at it - working on that! But I know the basics of quilting and what I was looking for so in many ways it came together easily. I had a specific little stash of fabrics I'd picked up from Hart's over the months. I'm big on red, aqua, orange...and am happy to have most other colors come to play as well, just in smaller quantity. I also very much appreciate white as a background color.

Dark photo sorry - arranging fabrics on my felt wall

I cut 9"ish by 16"ish sized rectangles and sewed them together to make a generous crib size. It took one of Bird's naptimes. Then another naptime was spent cutting out the fabric for the back (LOVE the AMH flannels - so soft!) and the organic bamboo batting and basting it all together. I finished the quilting and binding the day after that. My kind of project - super quick and love the results. And Griffin is currently napping on it.

Quilt for our boy (any day...)
My hummingbird print from school days

A quilt for our boy (any day...)
Yummy mix of cotton & linen, backed in flannel

A quilt for our boy (any day...)
Happy with my first (super simple) quilt!

I will definitely keep quilting! It's super gratifying to make your own objects of cozy & color. Next time I may try something more technical and would of course love to use my own fabrics. Griffin's quilt has just one of mine - a screenprint of hummingbirds from my days at RISD.

Tummy sleeper on his quilt
Griffy approves

Have you tried quilting? What's the best part for you? Picking out fabrics? (mine is!)

Hugs, Devon