Stills 3/52



My parents visited over the weekend (MLKjr Day in the States so my mom has the day off as she works for the US gov). They brought random fun things to play with (thank you to the military base thrift shop) including a bubble machine.

Griffy was elated to show off for Gigi on his laufrad. He didn't disappoint and hit every hill with fierce abandon. I'm praying he has really strong bones. Just fearless. It tries my patience with every outing that involves sidewalks and streets but I'm working on a trust & reward system and secretly I am thrilled with his determination.

Watching the rope walker at the park take a rest and hoping he'll make another go of it.

Griffy with his pine needle 'hair brush'. Handsome boy.

And beautiful girl Bird making a new friend at the Spielplatz (playground). "Wie alt bis du? Ich bin funf!" (How old are you? I am five!). She likes to play with her helmet on :) And wow we have had many very mild days of winter through December and now January.

My daily path.

Gorgeous snowy owl at the Gaia Zoo. She was at eye level and didn't even flinch as Griffy came bounding toward her, hoping to get a reaction. Magical beautiful creature. The beavers were also so fun to watch as they kept swimming into their lodge to check if dinner was coming for them. We've started going to Gaia more often as it is very natural and open for the animals, really pleasant for visitors, and open all year round.

Dreamy morning sky in the neighborhood.

Jared is in Taiwan this week and my parents left today to resume work (mom) and retired "work" (dad). Kiddos and I and Phylo have entered the rhythm of a regular week. Kindergarten in the mornings, pool outing, German classes, Gaia Zoo, park walks, creating, playing, cleaning, cooking, etc. We are also working on potty training with Griffy and he is currently in throes of the terrible 2's...I am working on staying calm but firm with the antics. He has such a strong personality but is so sensitive as well. Bird helps me tremendously - she and him are really best of friends and their bond rescues many situations. She is a remarkable little girl. Today she pushed herself at the pool a bit more, trying to get past her fear of water in her face. She actually floated a moment on her back as I held her (until realizing there was water flowing into her ears, then that was that!).

Have a lovely week xoxo