Stills 4/52

Last bit of sun on a gorgeous winter day, perched up high with friends.

Starting to move in to freezing temps at night and yesterday we even had snow (for all of 5 minutes then it was slushy rain...I had forgotten how annoying that is to be in).

Enjoying Gaia Zoo again - this time we made it to the Dino Dome before they closed. The kids (and me of course) climbed all over spider webs of nets, houses and tunnels above the life size brontosaurus, after of course pulling our dugout canoe over the treacherous creature filled lagoon - multiple times. The Dutch really know how to do play parks.

Jared home and wiped out from his week in Taiwan and the 26 hours it took to get back.

Tulips from 1.99 euro a bunch I'll have to buy them much more often.

Have a beautiful week friends,
xo Devon