Stills 10/52

Linking up with Em from the Beetleshack

The sun has been shining and we are soaking it up. We managed to pull ourselves together for a teeny tiny birthday celebration for Griffin. I'm so thankful.


Leaving our (snowless) winter behind and welcoming spring - happy indeed.

Sparklers to cap off an excellent day.

New toys. Jared put together the hex bugs habitat. I did the hot wheels track this week.

Our garden is a magical place with the flowering plum tree.

Per Griffy's request, a bear cake :) Very hastily made, very very delicious!

There is a new article from Mother Jones regarding plastic. It's worth a read. We have decided that plastic is no longer a food/drink safe option for us.

The kiddos finally have enough energy and lung power to handle a few minutes on the trampoline. I'm praying we have a string of good health for a while.

Our little Griffy Bear...three years old in just a few days. I love you sweet boy.

Have a fabulous week xo