Stills 11/52



 Linking up with Em from Beetleshack

We got a little exercise with our aching flu-walloped bodies and it was lovely. A sun-shiney day.

He'll follow her wherever she leads.

Chilly chilly chilly natural springs are for dipping toes into on a warmish day.

Flowers are blooming and green is sprouting everywhere in's been a very tolerable mid to light jacket weather. I'd call it Spring!

Concentrated piggy pose.

The aftermath of our Easter sensory bin. Lots of ideas over at Imagination Tree.

Phylo got a gorgeous new collar.

We lost a fish today...this one is without his friend now and I'm not sure what to do. We had them in a large pot with water irises - from my dad. Upon thinking about their situation in hindsight I think it was terrible to have them in a pot (even though large) and without filtration (besides the water plants). Fail on my part. I think we're going to have to get a proper fish tank, asap.

 Happiness is coral tulips in a bright blue coffee pot.

Lots of xoxo,