Stills 12/52

Linking up for Stills with Em from Beetleshack

My most favorite spot this week.

The reality of the rest of the house this week.

Those responsible for the reality of the house this week ;)

Stringing together letters and asking what the word says. This one is giggle worthy.

Jingly bells and convex mirrors - things I really like.

Mr. Fishy (named Lightning McQueen and Hello Kitty so maybe we should call him Lightning Kitty) has a new home and is awaiting a new bubble filter. We are slowly warming up to the idea of a real fish tank, this is a good start.

Backyard daffodils - happy faces of sunshine.

And the tulips are coming up for the second year now - hooray!

Sea shell wind chime my dad offered to me before he was going to disassemble it. I love the odd beachy vibe it gives our German backyard ;) Like a warm hug from home.

Have a happy healthy rest of the week.