New in September

Hi friends!

September is blowing into Aachen with surprisingly chilly winds and lovely red tinges on the blueberry bushes in my garden. I found myself yesterday pulling on socks and thinking about a scarf while out walking Phylodog.

The beginning sketches of a story I'm developing.

The beginning sketches of a story I'm developing.

I've been working this week on a set of illustrations to submit to the Bologna Children's Book Illustration competition. They are based on a story I've been writing. Lots of firsts for me this year. The more time goes by the more I say yes, and believe in and know myself. It feels completely awesome!


One Sky, entry by Devon Holzwarth

One Sky, entry by Devon Holzwarth

Yesterday the Women Who Draw Illustration Collective's project, "One Sky", launched. It was a couple weeks ago I took my watercolor palette and pencils out to a high spot at the RWTH campus overlooking the Netherlands. 84 of us around the world drew the sky at the same time. You can see the whole project here. It's powerful to see the world represented in a patchwork of unique views from artists all over the planet.


Working out what the adorably hissy kitten in my story should look like.

Working out what the adorably hissy kitten in my story should look like.

Some thoughts on kittens, angry and hissing, from my sketchbook. I think it takes drawing the character a few dozen times to really start to understand who they are. It's getting there!


Scenes from home and with my family. School started and we now have a first grader and third grader. Our garden was bountiful this summer and I didn't have to buy zucchini even once. Bird amazed us all at Jared's company party, beating all the others at the climbing challenge. What a confidence boost - she stacked and climbed 22 boxes before it all toppled over and she was dangling in the sky like a little spider. Griffy and I upgraded our wreath to look a bit fall-ish - it's our catch point for finds from walks...mostly feathers and seeds.


So cool to see that one of my favorite books is being featured with a set of USPS stamps! From the LA Times:  “The Snowy Day,” first published in 1962, was one of the first successful picture books for children to feature an African American main character. The book was awarded the Caldecott Medal, which is considered the most prestigious award for picture books, in 1963.


You can pre-order the stamps here.

We're watching Hurricane Irma very closely, with lots of family and friends living in Florida. Check out these daring NOAA pilots flying into the storm to collect data.

And I particularly love this image of the Miami Zoo flamingos in their hurricane shelter (the men's room). All peering into the mirror ;) Thinking of all those, big and small, affected by the insane weather systems we've been having.


Wishing you a wonderful day Xo Devon