A Grand Canyon full of inspiration (aka a letter from Lee)

My very first semester at RISD I had some of the most amazing experiences in all my time at RISD. This was mostly due to being in Lee Dejasu's 2D foundation class. The name of the class is so very deceiving. It really should be called "An opportunity to do absolutely anything you want with people that will support you, and totally celebrate with you." Really.

And the best part was Lee. I can only imagine how many lives he's touched.

Over the years we've kept in touch here and there. He never ceases to gift me with the kindest words - and they always seem so timely. How does he do it?

I received this letter from Lee the other day and wanted to share. I have to admit I cried while reading it.
Thank you to my friend Lee...for the reminder I needed so badly.
"You'll be back".
I'm humbled & grateful & totally inspired.

And isn't that
rad stationary??
She lives on my pin board now.